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Quick and Easy Birding App

Have used this app for over a year now and find it to be a great way to quickly review NA birds. Larkwire product is certainly more feature laden, but ease of use puts this one tops on my list when I want to go over the birds that cause the most frustration when seen briefly or not at all. Highly recommend it!

Great Birding app

This is one of my favorite birding apps. I know most of the summer resident birds in our area but have trouble recognizing migrants in the spring and fall. Having the ability to create custom lists for study makes this app a winner. I have most of the birding apps and would rank this one in my top 2 or 3 - great app!

Great for Intermediate Birders

This has got to be, hands down, one of my favorite bird song and call identification apps. I like the option to create your own study lists based on family, region or season, as well as the freedom to create study lists that do not necessarily reflect the aforementioned groupings. Although there are no notes regarding the songs and calls, it makes me focus and listen more intently to each sound to pick up on elements such as repetition, rhythm and rests, but also to pick up on general sound features of each bird family, because there are quite a few secondary bird sounds that sound superficially similar to birds outside the family. Having said that, this app may appeal to birders who are already familiar with some or most of the birds included, so it would be utilized as something of a refresher course or supplement to existing knowledge. My only issue is not having variations of birds that are widespread across the U.S. since one species can sound distinct in another part of the country while still retaining the same overall "feel" of a song. It would be great if this app addressed this with downloadable song packs directly from the app to address this or include additional groups such as raptors, waterfowl and commonly seen shorebirds. Aside from that, I am pleased with the number of bird species and sounds already included. The fact that it's linked to Game Center is only icing on the cake.


I went from novice to master of several dozen new bird calls in just one session. I used the Game mode for 35 minutes and then switched to the blind Practice mode and I got 100%. I can't wait to get out in the field! P.S. those Cornell Ornithology bird voices are so realistic...I sat by an open window when I practiced and a little flock of wild birds were attracted to my patio!

Awesome! Total fun, Learning Fast!

This app has great bird songs, addictive games and is totally fun. Some of the conductors on my train are birders, we hang out in the club car and play the songs and see who can get it right first. Love the little stars that tell me how many songs I've mastered. (31 so far). Going to the Audubon Convention in Washington in a week, been learning my West Coast birds before I go!

Great Educational tool for my children and family!

My family has been loving this app. We have always had lots of birds at our feeder out back since our children were little and they can easily tell the different sparrows apart. With this app they can now tell what birds they are hearing, even the ones that don’t come to the feeder. They love the ability to create their own deck of birds and track their successes independently of each other.

Wonderful App!

IKnowBirdSongs is a wonderful resource in helping me learn the identity of the many birds that visit my feeders! So glad this is finally available. I love it!


As a birder who is still learning, I love this app!

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